How we can help.


A lack of affordable housing is a leading barrier to leaving a violent relationship. Ask an advocate about this program–we want to help.

Fleeing domestic violence is difficult. Having a safe place to go and begin to sort things out can be helpful. We understand. We have a temporary emergency shelter available to those with or without children who are leaving intimate partner domestic violence. We understand that some people may decide to leave their situation permanently, and others are looking for a break from the situation and may return home.

While in shelter, we try to meet your basic needs. Household items are available; the shelter is furnished with everything you should need. We have a clothing closet, personal items, food, and laundry facilities. The shelter program is meant to meet emergency needs, and if you are seeking permanent housing, our advocates can work with you to locate safe and affordable housing.

For more information, contact us 24 hours a day.

Crisis Line: 1 (360) 374-2273